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The Peace Run is an unprecedented mass sports event of an international scale. 
Our task is to draw the attention of the world to the events in Ukraine and to enlist the support of the residents of European countries in our desire to build a free, democratic, independent and prosperous state. Therefore, the main goal of the event is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable peace in the country in which the geographical center of Europe is located.

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To do this, we took steps that no one had taken before. On March 21, the anniversary of the signing of the political part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, a team of 12 daredevils will go on a cross-country trip across Europe. One by one, the team members will overcome incredible distances, regardless of the time of day, weather conditions and other obstacles.

45 days
8758 km
14 European capitals
16 km every day for each participant

During the first stage, which will last 45 days, the team expects to cover about nine thousand kilometers, visit 14 capitals of the European Union. command any distance — from a few meters to tens of kilometers.

2015-04-26 paris running.JPG
2015-04-17 Madrid.JPG

We would like to thank the residents of each city for their support of Ukraine in this difficult time for us. But we invite everyone to join us in a joint prayer for peace.

We are convinced that the Run of Peace will make ties between Ukraine and the European Union even closer and show once again that we are united. And together we will overcome any difficulties.

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